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Why Core? Team Partners Advisory Board
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Our Advantage to Entrepreneurs

FinTech Hyper-Focus & Expertise: We offer our entrepreneurs hyper focused expertise around financial services and financial technology. We know the ecosystem of players, from financial institutions to commercial distribution partners, and we deeply understand the regulatory environment. …

Impact Alignment Mindset

We believe financial services doesn’t need to be a zero sum game.  More efficient and better designed products can save people valuable …


Mike Harris

Managing Partner

Michael Harris is a Managing Partner of the General Partner, and has over 15 years experience in venture capital, M&A, operations, and technology.


Arjan Schütte

Managing PartnerArjan Schütte is the Managing Partner of the General Partner and serves as Senior Advisor to the Center for Financial Services Innovation; both focus on…

Global Impact Investing Rating System

Core is proud to be a Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS) Pioneer Fund. The impact investing industry is facilitating investments that …